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Workshops for Adults
Nicholas Allan

For teachers and educationalists, Nicholas's talk Knickers and Other Important Words, about how to inspire children with books, is also popular. Tricks of the trade are revealed about writing, illustrating, and performing, secret methods you can use to keep children mesmerised. Again, to coincide with the talk, Nicholas offers workshops on this subject.

Talks can also be arranged to suit the theme of a conference or the request of the organiser.

Nicholas has taught adult classes in creative writing and illustrating and has also taken part in school-based creative-partnerships schemes and workshops in teacher training colleges.


Please contact him for individually tailored courses.

Nicholas regularly speaks and gives workshops at teachers' conferences, international schools, library associations and readers groups.

The content of these speeches include drawing, psychological illusions (Nicholas is a member of the Brotherhood of Magicians) and anecdotes about the professional life of an children's author.


In How to Become A Children's Writer Extremely Quickly Nicholas talks about his work, where ideas spring from, how the books and pictures are created, and also how they are adapted for television. Examples are shown, including dummy books, illustrations (using overhead projector) and, from the TV series, storyboards, scripts and the £5000 models used in production. Nicholas explains, most importantly, how to get your book published - and get it on the screen! Nicholas also offers workshops on this subject.

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Nicholas Allan
Creative Writing Lecturer
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