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Hilltop Hospital

Hilltop Hospital stories hold appeal for both children and adults, and introduce characters that will remain firm favourites for reader and viewers alike. The action is unique in warmly and positively reassuring potential young patients about hospitals, accidents and illness while offering plenty of laughs along the way!

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TV Series
The TV Series

Hilltop Hospital, adapted from Nicholas’s picture book of the same name, is an award-winning CITV series (52 episodes) with the voices of Kevin Whately, Celia Imrie, Thora Herd, Paul Shane and Brian Murphy.


ER with animals, there’s never a dull moment or an empty bed at Hilltop where, in fun-packed ten minute episodes, serious issues can be presented in a sensitive yet uplifting way.


The series was written by Nicholas and is used by him in schools in scriptwriting workshops and talks about writing and television. (see school visits)

Ideal for school use in addressing various issues raises by illness, infirmity, and health problems.

HH Books

Tie-in books of the hit CITV series:
Hilltop Hospital

Press reviews

Press Reviews

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