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Where Willy Went
Where Willy Went
Where Willy Went

Willy is a little sperm who lives inside Mr Browne. The trouble is, Willy is one of 300 million sperm and they all want the same prize - an egg. It's lucky Willy is such a good swimmer ..

Hilariously funny, warm, endearing and totally non-threatening - this small masterpiece presents the facts of life to young children in a unique but totally accessible way. A Godsend for any parent faced with awkward questions.

Fresh, original and imaginative. Willy is an ambitious sperm. He knows the odds are steeped at 300m to one, but he trains hard so he’ll win the Great Swimming Race. Allan’s achievement is in couching fascinating facts within the construct of a gentle, direct narrative.

Lindsey Fraser, Guardian Education

Frank and funny. Takes young children, skipping and whooping, out from under the gooseberry bush.

The Independent

I adored Where Willy Went – it’s so funny and clever and touching – and even the most prim and prudish parent/teacher could not possibly object.

Jacqueline Wilson

Original and humorous, informative and accessible for five to seven year-olds whose curiosity will not be put off. Nicholas Allan achieves a good balance between accuracy, sensitivity, and interest.

Times Educational Supplement

I’d have been delighted to read Nicholas Allan’s likeably frank Where Willy Went to my children when they were smaller.

Julie Myerson, The Telegraph

The Giants Loo Roll
The Giant's Loo Roll

This rip-roaring, read-aloud delight follows a giant's toilet roll as it goes on a crazy journey through town, leaving havoc in its wake. What will the townsfolk do with all the enormous sheets of paper? They could build a paper plane, or make 100s of pairs of pants. . . But will there be any paper left for the giant in his time of need?

Imagine the embarrassment as a giant's loo roll speeds through the local town attracting a fair bit of attention and providing handy materials for an artist, tailor, and factory boss. Snappy rhyming couplets accompany textured, painterly images and a subtly imbued, humorously delivered, environmental message.

Junior Bookshelf

Combines the fun of a giant's runaway loo roll with the fantastic line, "Fi fi fo fum, what can I do to wipe my ..."

Sunday Express


Such a mischievous, light touch!

Daily Telegraph


Lovely colourful pictures and even a gentle environmental reminder. Sure to make children giggle.


Fathe Christmas Needs a Wee
Father Christmas Needs a Wee!
Father Christmas.png

A funny festive counting book in brilliantly bouncy rhyme!

At every house Father Christmas eats and drinks the tasty treats that have been left for him. But when he reaches number ten he realises that he's forgotten to do something rather important - AND he really, really, really needs a wee!

For author Christmas presentation with magic, illustration, workshop and prizes, see School Visits – Primary and Nursery

See also Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps

Big, bold pictures and wonderful facial expressions make this a must for Christmas and ever afterwards.

Daily Mail

Perfect for all, pretty much from birth.


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