The Royal Nappy

Meet the Royal Baby and of course, Nanny, who looks after the Royal Baby and the all-important Royal Nappy Cabinet!

Find out where the royal nappies are made, the different kinds for every occasion (parachuting nappies say, or shiny nappies for palace floors - whee!), and what happens when the royal nappies... run out!

A funny, warm look at the royal nappy through history - from Henry VIII to the present day and a very special new arrival...

The Prince and the Potty

A jolly escapade through the world of potties, royalty and tiny accidents in this hilarious romp.

It's time for the prince to use his potty, so it's off to the Royal Potty Workshop! There are singing potties, potties pulled by corgis, and even super-duper flying Royal Robo-Potties!

But it's hard work finding the perfect potty for the job ... especially when disaster strikes. Can the Royal Baby find his own solution?

Lots of fun

The Sun

The Happy Princess

Some people are born to make a difference … Diana had always thought she wasn’t especially good at anything. Then one day she was offered a job – as a princess …


This enchanting picture book follows Diana’s journey, through all her sadnesses and triumphs, until she eventually discovered her own special gift and became … The Happy Princess.

With enormous affection and warmth, Nicholas Allan captures just why Princess Diana won a unique and special place in the hearts of children everywhere.