The Magic Lavatory
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Jeffrey's Aunt Julia is so house-proud that she won't let him do anything, so he has no friends. Then he finds a thick yellow goo in his great-grandfather's cabinet which makes things come alive. When Aunt Julia forces him to pour it down the lavatory, that in turn comes alive, and eats her.

More and More Rabbits
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A very funny introduction to counting AND birth control.

Every time Mr And Mrs Tail go to bed at night, they end up with three more babies. They love each one, but enough is enough! So they try a new bed and kick out the cat, but it’s only when they sleep apart on the floor that bunnies stop popping up all over the place!

got this out from the library simply because it appealed to me as my daughter has nine stuffed bunnies. what a hilarious read for parents, its a seriously funny story about contraception obviously in such a way that is still appropriate for a pre schooler's picture book!

Nicholas Allen's rapidly-expanding rabbit family is delightful as well as providing a fun way of answering awkward questions about where babies come from.

The Guardian

Hilltop Hospital

There's never a dull moment at Hilltop Hospital. Whether Mrs Indianopolis the elephant is giving birth, or Gertrude the hyena is having her tonsils removed, the dedicated animal staff at Hilltop Hospital are always ready to help in an emergency.