The Hefty Fairy

Poor Hefty is a such a lumpy frump, she's not allowed to flounce around with the fully-fledged fairies. But a few big bumps aren't going to bug Hefty - and when she finds a coin, she can't resist the temptation to turn herself into a real tooth fairy. 

Read this delightful little book with both my children. I loved it as much as they did. 


You're all Animals

Young Billy Trunk has just started at his new school but he thinks his classmates are really weird and longs for a friend just like himself – one who isn't scaly, or furry, or green!


So he looks on the Internet and finds Frank who likes all the same things as Billy, who looks like Billy, with a long nose and big ears. The perfect pal! But Billy is in for a big surprise when he finally meets his best friend.

'You're All Animals' is the story of Billy Trunk, an elephant starting a new school; he feels lonely and fed up that none of his class are 'just like [him]', and so his father helps him to find a friend on the computer. Billy begins to correspond with a character named Frank, the two have lots in common, eventually the two meet at school and Frank turns out to be a mouse - not so similar after all.


This book is a lovely lesson in the importance of not judging a book by it's cover. It might be nice to also explore the book from the angle of the other animals in Billy's class, to explore whether how Billy treats them is very kind? Also this book invites the opportunity of a pen-pal type experience for children, as well as opening the door to discuss internet safety.



Sigh. What can you do when you’re stuck in the loo queue? Should you make small talk, look at the ceiling or just cross your legs?


Well, if you’ve got this wacky new book from funny hero Nicholas Allan, you can spot colours, count, rhyme and laugh with lots of animal friends! The queue for this particular loo is getting longer and longer. Lots of multi-coloured critters are turning up, and they all really need to go. What sorts of animals are there? How many? What different colours can you spot? And, most importantly – who’s in the loo? What’s taking them so long?

A laugh-out-loud new rhyme from a bestselling author. Bursting with friendly animals to spot, name and count, Nicholas Allan is famous for his cheeky sense of humour


A great book to teach children colours and counting in a fun and humorous way.

I really enjoyed how this book unfolds. We have a bit of a mystery around who's in the bathroom, which leads to a very funny ending. This book is great for young children who are starting to learn to count and recognize colours.