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Dill the dog knows his time is up so he packs his case and tells Lily, his owner, that he's off "up there". "Can I come too?" asks Lily. "Er . . . not yet," replies Dill.

While he is waiting for the angels to collect him, Dill explains to Lily what he thinks heaven is like: hundreds of lampposts to pee against, lots of whiffy things to smell and bones everywhere - with meat on them! But Lily completely disagrees, she thinks heaven is quite different.


Luckily, they agree to disagree just in time for a fond, and very poignant, last goodbye.

Nicholas Allan is unique among picture book creators for his combination of off-beat humour and child appeal.

A warm and moving account of parting

Times Educational Supplement

Absurdly funny....The pictures are a treat.

Times Educational Supplement

The BIG-Hearted Book
The Big Hearted Book

Babette and Bill are joined by a ribbon of hearts. They are always together through thick and thin. But when Babette falls ill, the two friends are parted and they are both broken hearted. Until they discover that even when they can't see the ribbon of hearts it is always there pulling them together.


Warm, poignant and funny, this book is a wonderful celebration of friendship. A sensitive and beautifully told story written in association with the International Children's Heart Foundation that will touch anyone affected by illness.


The mission of the International Children's Heart Foundation is to bring the skills, technology and knowledge to diagnose and care for children with congenital heart disease to developing countries.

A lovely, simple picture book with a huge message about how love keeps us connected.

Manchester Evening News

Full of the witty exuberance which has become a Nicholas Allan trademark...a terrific basis for chats and discussion, for lessons and the development of parallel further work with youngsters.

The School Librarian

A moving tale about how friendship endures.


Beautifully told, poignant and funny, this is a wonderful celebration of life, love and friendship.

Regency Bookshop

The BIG-Hearted Book
Polly's Pet Shop
Polly's Pet Shop

t's time for Polly to open her pet shop.

The first customer of the day is Max the Magician, but which pet will he choose? The friendly-looking croc, the cheeky chimp, the smiley fishie, or the white rabbit? Next comes Cowgirl Kate. Is she after a porky piglet, a slithering snake, a handsome white horse, or a wise brown owl? After Kate, Pirate Pete stomps in. Polly offers him a great big green octopus, a teeny little mouse, a rainbow -feathered parrot and a cat - what do you think he will do? The last customer of the day is Princess Pam. Will she choose a cuddly brown bear, a beautiful white bird, or a slimy frog?

See whether you can guess and then lift the flaps to find out whether you're right!

Polly's Pet Shop
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