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Cinderellas Bum
Cinderella's Bum
cinderellas bum

A big sister is horrified when she can't fit into her swimming costume. Her BOTTOM IS SOO BIG! But her little sister has some good advice.

There follows a wonderful romp through history and fairyland, as the little sister explains exactly why a big bottom can be useful. Father Christmas needs one for crash landings and, if you are a queen, a big bum is vital to keep you comfy while sitting on your throne . . .

Once again Nicholas Allan combines laugh-out-loud humour with real insight that cannot fail to raise a smile.

Picked as one of the funniest books of the season by The Times

This celebration of bottoms seems a natural follow-on to The Queen’s Knickers. A young girl complains that her bottom has grown too much to get into her swimsuit, but her little sister tells her it’s lovely, and points out that bottoms, like noses and ears, come in all shapes and sizes. Another sure-fire success in the offing.

The Bookseller

Hilariously funny…exposes the wonder of all kinds of bottoms. A useful book to teach children it’s all right to be themselves.

Waterstone’s Books

Very tastefully illustrated, in a very funny, few-words-to-the-page story. The youngsters will absolutely love this one – and if they are boys, they will still be laughing in their teens.

Yorkshire Post

Naughty but nice.

What’s On

The Queen's Knickers
The Queen's Knickers

Everyone can see the Queen’s smart coats and dresses, but what does she wear underneath, particularly for a school visit?

Through the eyes of a little girl hoping for a school visit by the Queen, the range of royal underwear is revealed, in all its regal glory – from garden party and Christmas speech knickers to the VIP (Very Important Pair) for the opening of Parliament.

This is a gently humorous book that will delight children, adults and knicker-wearers everywhere.

Press Reviews: THE PEOPLE      SUNDAY PEOPLE     MET

Pure fun

Wendy Cooling, The Mail on Sunday

A naughty charming book,

Evening Standard

Funny, well-written and illustrated

Daily Express

This is a knockout…affectionate, funny and entirely delightful

Books for Children

Picasso's Trousers
Picasso's Trousers

People were always saying, 'No! No! No! Picasso!' but Picasso said, 'Yes!'

He painted all blue pictures, pictures from the front and side at the same time! He made art out of rubbish, he drew pictures in 30 seconds!


Picasso was the greatest artist in the world – and he wanted some trousers which people said he mustn't wear. 'No! No! No! Picasso' they said...


Funny, accessible, read-aloud, story of the true story of Picasso's Trousers.

Surprise ending – with flaps!

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