Peacefully content on a deserted island, a hermit receives an unexpected visitor. Not only is the bird noisy, it also "splats" all over, making quite a mess. Not wanting to share his space, the man does what he can to contain the bird until it finally flies away. Now he is lonely, of course. He waits and waits.


Expecting some sort of conclusion about sharing, readers wait as well. When the bird does return with "others" soon to follow, the unexpected surprise of who the others are throws all sense of didacticism out the window. Instead, this book provides an alternate perspective to the "Noah's Ark" tale that will amuse readers.

From School Library Journal, Kindergarten-Grade 3A

The interaction between the text and art is masterful. Concise language is coupled with minimalist illustrations. Simple pen-and-ink cartoon lines are used for the characters, easily capturing the loner's changing emotions. A light wash of color establishes the background scenery while the man's clothing stands out in red. Allan makes particularly good use of turning the page to build suspense. Younger children will laugh at the bird's antics, while older readers will find the connection to a familiar story creative and clever.

AMartha Topol, Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City, MI

A book that made someone laugh and giggle through the entire book. It will forever be on our top 5 of favorite childhood books!!


The Thing That Ate Aunt Julia
The Thing.jpg

When super-neat Aunt Julia throws Jeffrey's magic potion down the toilet, the toilet, much to Jeffrey's delight, comes alive and terrorizes the neighborhood. 

I have to admit this was hysterical. It brings "toilet humor" to a new level--a little boy I was babysitting had me read it to him and I laughed more than he did. Don't read to the pre-potty trained.


Will's Wheels Shop
Wills Wheel Shop.jpg

It's time for Will to open his wheels shop . . .

His first customer is Fireman Fred. Do you think he will buy some rollerskates, an ambulance, a bicycle or a fire engine? Next comes Farmer Flo, but is she looking for a swanky saloon car, a speedy skateboard, a motorbike (broom, broom) or a shiny new tractor? After Flo, Robbie Racing-Driver drops in. Will he buy an ice-cream van, a retro scooter or a super-speedy racing car? The last customer of the day is the super-duper glam, Fi-Fi Film star, but what will she choose? Will it be a pennyfarthing, a bus, a stretch limo or a beautiful vintage car?

See whether you can guess and then lift the flaps to find out whether you're right!