Android in the Attic

"love the pictures in it. and the storyline encouraged for the imagination, so good for kids."

A Pig's Book of Manners

Kind Claude Curlytail moves next door to ill-mannered Johnny Squelchnose. Soon he is being invited to parties every afternoon, leaving Johnny sulking alone at home. Equally soon, Johnny realizes that unless he mends his unpleasant ways, he is in for a very lonely time.

I like that books such as this exist. It is important for children to learn things such as manners, and what better way to get the point across to a child than through a picture book?

Seeing Johnny Squelchnose pee in the pond really surprised 6-year-old me

Demon Teddy

Dominic is a show off and a bit of a bully. In class Dominic knows all the answers; Katie does too, but she's too shy to speak up. Dominic tells her she's stupid and thinks she's just the end when she brings her teddy to school. But this is the Demon Teddy who has a few tricks under his fur.